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GARDENA Leaf and Lawn Collector

GARDENA Leaf and Lawn Collector


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Collecting fallen leaves and grass has never been easier thanks to the GARDENA Leaf and Grass collector. The quiet, efficient, ergonomically designed collector makes collecting leaves a breeze. Thanks to the specially designed bristles, simply push the collector along the ground and watch it collect leaves and debris in to the attached collection bag. The height adjustable collector can be adjusted to suit the area you want to clear. Thanks to the compact design and foldable handle the collector can be stored away easily.  Protect your lawn from leaf rot and moss with the GARDENA Leaf and grass collector. 

Sustainable and Quiet: The GARDENA Leaf and grass collector is a quiet, environmentally friendly way to collect fallen leaves, garden debris and cut grass. With the specially designed bristles, simply push the collector along the ground and watch it collect.

Adjustable Height: To ensure the bristles always touch the ground and collect, the leaf collector is height adjustable depending on the terrain.

Ergonomic and Compact: Its ergonomically shaped handle makes pushing your Leaf and Lawn Collector easier - and thanks to its compact design the collector can also be stored away easily.

Instructions for use: The GARDENA leaf and grass collector works like a mechanical rake and is therefore environmentally friendly. The rotating brushes are driven by the wheels. Solid objects such as acorns, chestnuts, fruit etc. are not collected. The leaf and grass collector is only partially suitable for foliage with stems and large leaves (e.g. chestnut) as these may get caught in the brushes. When collecting leaves on paved paths or tarmac, it may be necessary to go over the area multiple times.

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