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GARDENA Lopper TeleCut long

GARDENA Lopper TeleCut long


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The GARDENA Telescopic pruning lopper is perfect for cutting small branches. At just 1.3 kg the lightweight lopper doesn't compromise on cutting power, with high-quality precision ground blades and a 42mm cutting diameter that ensure a clean, healthy cut. Need to reach further? No problem, the lopper can be extended by up to 25cm, allowing you to cut further safely. Ergonomically designed, the shock absorbers on the lopper make it comfortable to use. The lopper comes with a 25 year warranty. Adjustable and Lightweight: Perfect for cutting small branches, the GARDENA TeleCut pruning lopper is lightweight at only 1.3kg and features extendable handles up to 25cm to give you the ability to reach further. High-Quality Cut: The high-quality precision ground blades with non-stick coating utilises a 42mm cutting diameter to ensure accurate cutting with low operating force. Ergonomically Designed: Aluminium lever arms and ergonomically-shaped handles with soft components provide the required non-slip characteristics and guarantee easy handling and safe work.

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