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GARDENA Manual Tap Timer

GARDENA Manual Tap Timer


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The GARDENA Manual Tap Timer irrigates your garden for you. The tap timer easily attaches to your outside tap, you can then attach to a garden hose to control a sprinkler or Micro-Drip System. The rotating dial allows you to set the duration of the irrigation flexibly between 5 and 120 minutes. After the time has elapsed the tap timer stops the water flow automatically. Because the tap timer works mechanically, it does not need a battery or power supply. Thanks to the permanent flow function you can allow to tap to run without removing the timer. Automatic and time-saving for reliable irrigation of the garden. Easy operation of the mechanical Manual Tap Timer through large rotary dial. Flexible irrigation duration between 5 and 120 minutes or switch to permanent water flow for constant flow from the tap without removing the timer.

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