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GARDENA Metal Hose Trolley CleverRoll M Easy Set

GARDENA Metal Hose Trolley CleverRoll M Easy Set


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The robust, durable GARDENA CleverRoll Metal Hose trolley is packed with handy features to make watering easier than ever. Sold as a ready to use set, the CleverRoll metal hose trolley included a 25m GARDENA flex hose, spray nozzle and connectors. The integrated hose guide on the trolley ensures kink, twist free winding of the hose. While the extra sturdy, Kick and Stand fold out foot means the trolley will stay stable to the ground. The angled hose connection on the hose trolley allows for maximum water flow to the hose, and the anti-drip device stops puddles from forming on the ground once the water is switched off. Made from high-quality materials, the hose trolley was made to last. With a foldable crank handle, and adjustable handle makes the hose trolley compact and easy to store. The hose trolley can carry a 13mm hose up to 100m in length. Ready To Use: Packed with everything you need to water your garden - including the 25m hose, a powerful cleaning nozzle, leak-free tap connector & adaptor, hose connector and water stop. Anti-Drip Function: The Anti-Drip Device ensures puddle-free watering by preventing water from leaking after use or whilst during transport. Foldable and Adjustable: Designed for optimum storage, this Hose Trolley utilises a foldable metal crank handle and adjustable handles, to help save precious storage space.

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