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Gardena Original Ecoline Basic Water Spray Nozzle Set

Gardena Original Ecoline Basic Water Spray Nozzle Set


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The perfect basic set: Gardena’s four-part watering set is ideal for cleaning stubborn dirt and for watering with a fine spray around the garden and the home. 2-in-1 spray setting: The infinitely adjustable water spray is so versatile, allowing you to produce anything from a fine mist to a hard jet. The union nut also generates a high hose holding force. Sustainable production: The plastic parts in the basic set consist of more than 90 per cent and the metal elements more than 35 per cent recyclable materials. Attractive design: The simple, sophisticated design gives these products a timeless look that is right at home in any garden or on any terrace. Included with the product: 1x Gardena EcoLine tap connector, 1x Gardena tap adapter, 1x Gardena EcoLine hose connector, 1x Gardena EcoLine water stop, 1x Gardena EcoLine cleaning nozzle.

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