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GARDENA Pressure Sprayer 1.25L

GARDENA Pressure Sprayer 1.25L


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The 1.25 l Pressure Sprayer from GARDENA is perfect for caring for indoor/house plants and potted outdoor plants. The practical 3-in-1 extra opening including measuring cap is located on the container, for easy filling, measuring and emptying. Before plants are sprayed, pressure is built up in the container by moving the ergonomically shaped D-handle with end stop buffer up and down in a pumping movement. The integrated 360° function ensures that no air is sucked in during application, no matter which position the Pressure Sprayer is held in. The brass nozzle is made from high quality materials and can also be adjusted for different spray strengths and angled by up to 90°. The transparent viewing strip means that you can always see the fill level in the 1.25 litre tank of the Pressure Sprayer.

  • Practical 3-in-1 additional opening for easy filling, measuring and emptying without unscrewing the pump head
  • 360° function: no suction of air, no matter in which position, for an even spray jet with long reach
  • Flexible brass nozzle: Robust, adjustable and durable due to high-quality materials and can be angled by 90° for comfortable underleaf application
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