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GARDENA Pump Sprayer 1L

GARDENA Pump Sprayer 1L


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The GARDENA 1L pump sprayer is perfect for watering indoor/house plants, seedlings and delicate plants. The Pump Sprayer has a practical 3-in-1 additional opening on the container, which allows convenient filling, fertiliser dosing and emptying, unscrewing the pump head is not necessary. The integrated 360° function, prevents air from being sucked in when the handle is pressed, regardless of the position in which the Pump Sprayer is held; resulting in an even water jet with a long reach. The jet can be individually adjusted using the robust full brass nozzle, giving you the choice of a full jet or a fine spray at any time. Thanks to the translucent water container, you always know the water level in the tank. The specially designed ergonomics add comfort and prevent slipping even with wet fingers.

  • Pumpsprayer 1L with practical 3-in-1 additional opening for easy filling, measuring and emptying without unscrewing the pump head
  • 360° function: no air intake, no matter in which position, for comfortable use even with under-leaf use
  • The sprayer features a high-quality, robust and infinitely adjustable solid brass nozzle
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