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GARDENA Rainwater 2000/18V Cordless Tank Pump (Without Battery)

GARDENA Rainwater 2000/18V Cordless Tank Pump (Without Battery)


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Make every drop count – with the GARDENA Battery Rainwater pump you can water your garden using collected rainwater, better for your garden and the environment! Connect the pump to a hose, sprinkler, sprayer or MicroDrip system and watch your garden bloom. Using the telescopic shaft you can submerge the pump as far down as needed, depending on the height of the water butt/tank. The pump has a delivery capacity of 2,000L per hour and maximum pressure of 2.0 bar, and features an adjustable control valve, depending on your irrigation needs. The integrated timer allows you to set how long you want the pump to run for.  The handy dry-running feature also prevents the pump from running if the water levels drop, and the integrated pre-filter helps keep dirt and debris from entering the pump. Powered by the powerful POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE 18V battery (not included) you can get a run time of up to 156 minutes on a single charge.

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