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GARDENA Smart Robotic Lawnmower SILENO Life 1000m² Set

GARDENA Smart Robotic Lawnmower SILENO Life 1000m² Set


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Want a beautiful lawn without lifting a finger? Introducing the intelligent, versatile GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower SILENO Life 1000m²  . Perfect for lawns up to 1000 square meters your robot mower will mow, mulch and even charge itself! Using the mulching principle, the mower takes a fine layer off grass from the lawn putting the clippings back into the soil, acting as a natural fertiliser; so you can achieve a beautifully healthy lawn, effortlessly. Once you have installed your boundary and guidewires, setting up and programming your Sileno couldn’t be more simple; just download the GARDENA Smart app and let the setup wizard guide you. You can control your mower anywhere in the world with just the tap of an app.

Not only is the robotic mower simple and convenient to use, it extremely quiet, so you can relax and enjoy your garden in peace. The CorridorCut function allows the mower to cut, even through narrow spaces. Guided by SensorControl, the robot judges for itself how often your lawn needs a trim, setting off at precisely the right frequency according to grass growth. Your clever little helper will cut the grass as efficiently as possible.

  • LONA is an AI-based mapping technology with 4 functions: Garden Mapping by scanning the lawn area, Zone Management to flexibly define and frequent the area to be mowed, Area Protect to determine sections that should not be mowed and real-time tracking of the mower on the smart App
  • Fully connected to the GARDENA smart system: Take care of your garden from anywhere
  • Using a mulching principle, the mower takes a fine layer of grass from the lawn, putting it back into the soil, so no need to dispose of grass clippings
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