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GARDENA Smart Sensor

GARDENA Smart Sensor


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Water your garden the smart way with the innovative GARDENA Smart Soil Moisture Sensor. The Smart Sensor automatically ensures that your garden is watered according to its needs and saves water by measuring the current soil moisture and transmitting this to your Smart Water Control. If the soil is still sufficiently moist, the upcoming watering cycle is skipped; saving water and resulting in healthier plants. The Sensor is compatible with the Smart Water Control, allowing you to view your soil moisture levels and tailor your own bespoke irrigation schedule with the tap of an app. Due to its compact size, Soil Moisture Sensor can not only be used in lawns or flowerbeds, but is also suitable for smaller plant pots. To ensure that the sensor does not interfere with lawn care, its designed with a low height and a flat surface: both lawn mowers and robotic lawnmowers can easily drive over the sensor. The Soil Moisture sensor transmits data to the GARDENA Gateway, alerting your phone via the smart app, whether your garden needs to be watered or it can be skipped. If paired with a GARDENA Water Control, it will automatically start watering if needed. So you can sit back, relax, wherever you are in the world, knowing your garden is being cared for.

  • Precise measurement of soil moisture enables water-saving irrigation
  • See your soil moisture levels at anytime, anywhere using the GARDENA smart app
  • Easy to install and set up
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