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GARDENA Solar-Powered Irrigation AquaBloom Set

GARDENA Solar-Powered Irrigation AquaBloom Set


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Plant care for when you’re not there. With GARDENA AquaBloom your balcony and tub plants are in good hands - all season long. AquaBloom waters and takes care of your plants even in times when you're not around. The helpful system requires neither a water tap nor a power supply in your garden or terrace. With just an additional water bucket you’ll be ready to go. The AquaBloom set is a complete ready-to-use irrigation system consisting of a 3-in-1-main unit. It combines a pump to draw water, a control unit to define the irrigation schedule and a solar panel that feeds the included rechargeable batteries.

The 14 pre-defined watering programs let you still be in control of the watering of up to 20 plants with the help of pressure-compensation drippers. Each dripper can cater up to 300 ml.

Don’t forget to make use of the very convenient and flexible placement of the AquaBloom. Choose a sunny place for the control unit: hang it on a flowerpot, place it on a table or fix it on a wall.

The installation of AquaBloom is simple and tool-free! Get rid of time-consuming irrigation tasks and enjoy your balcony and terrace with beautiful and well-cared plants and flowers all season long – no matter how long you are on holiday or on business trips.

Reliable operation: The AquaBloom set waters your balcony and patio plants all season long, even when it’s overcast

The control unit consists of a pump, solar panel and irrigation control all in one and can be placed wherever you wish.

Solar-powered irrigation: Evenly waters up to 20 plants to a maximum height of 4 m, ideal for when you’re away on holiday

Ready for immediate use: The set contains all the essential parts and can be put together in just five simple steps

Delivery includes: 1x Gardena AquaBloom, 15x 3/16 inch hose retainers, 3x AA batteries 1.2 V 2,400 mAh, 8x 3/16 inch T-pieces, 8x 3/16 inch sealing plugs, 1x filter, 20 m 3/16 inch distribution tube

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