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The GARDENA Spreader XL is perfect for distributing fertiliser on the lawn or spreading salt or grit on pathways or drives in the Winter. With the capacity to cover up to 800m, it has never been easier to keep your garden healthy. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, the Spreader XL allows you to regulate the amount of spreading material using the practical open/close function. The specially designed scattering roller ensures even coverage without blockages. The patented locking slide on the spreader means there is no accidental leakage of materials when not in use. The large wheels and ball bearings on the spreader make it stable, yet easy to manoeuvre. Made from high-quality materials, the spreader comes with a 25 year warranty. Year-Round Performance: Covering areas of up to 800m, the GARDENA Spreader XL can be used all year-round with spreading material, ideal for fertilisers, seeds, granulate, sand and road salt. Even Distribution: The free-running spreading disk provides optimal functionality and even distribution, from a range from 1.5 - 6 meters, without blockages. Convenient Functionality: The open/close function on the handle enables precise dosage adjustment of the spreading material. The spreading quantity can even be adjusted via the handle, without straining or having to bend down.

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