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GARDENA StarCut Telescopic Tree and Pruning Lopper 410 Plus

GARDENA StarCut Telescopic Tree and Pruning Lopper 410 Plus


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Powerful, Clean Cut: Perfect for cutting high branches, the GARDENA StarCut 410 lopper plus is made with high-quality, precision ground blades that helps to reduce resistance when cutting - guaranteeing a clean cut every time. Reach New Heights: The pruning lopper can be extended up to 4.1 meters allowing you to easily cut heights of up to 6.5m and features an adjustable cutting angle of up to 200° to facilitate the precise cutting of branches in any growing direction. Easy and Accurate Handling: Using the adjustable hook for removing cut-off branches on the handle, branches can be removed from the crowns of trees without any trouble at all. Effortless pruning of tall trees and dense hedges from the ground, total reach of about 6.5 m including user. The internal steel gearing with its 12-speed gear ratio for maximum cutting force, maximum branch diameter 32 mm. The adjustable hook is ideal for removing cut-off branches from the tree crown. Features internal pulling strap and compact cutting head. 1x GARDENA telescopic tree lopper, Made in Germany.

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