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GARDENA Starter Set Planted Rows S

GARDENA Starter Set Planted Rows S


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Save up to 70% water consumption (when compared to standard irrigation methods) with the GARDENA Micro-Drip system. Using innovative MicroDrip technology, your plants will benefit from micro-irrigation that penetrates the soil right down to the roots, where plants need it most, saving water while promoting plant health. This set can water up to 15m of vegetable and plant rows and can be extended up to 30m . Thanks to patented 'Quick&Easy' connection technology, the set is easy to set up and expand. The innovative labyrinth technology self-cleans the pipes and drip heads to ensure no blockages. Set includes: 1 Master Unit 100, 15m drip irrigation line 4.6mm(3/16"), 15 pipe pegs 4.6mm (3/16"), 1 plug 4.6mm (3/16").

  • Ideal for water-saving drip irrigation of 15 m long plant rows, shrubs and flowerbeds or delicate crop and vegetable plants
  • Water-efficient, targeted irrigation; save up to 70% water consumption when compared to standard irrigation methods. Targeted irrigation methods prevent flowers and leaves getting wet, promoting better plant health
  • Patented quick & Easy connection technology for simple set up, the can also be adjusted at any time
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