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GARDENA Tap Connector for Indoor Taps

GARDENA Tap Connector for Indoor Taps


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A convenient way to get water to the balcony or anywhere without a water supply. The GARDENA tap connector for indoor taps securely connects your hose to any indoor taps in the bathroom or kitchen. Its special shape and spanner makes it easy to install and the connection is safe and watertight, with no drips or leaks.

Bridge the gap: The tap connector can be simply and quickly connected to a kitchen or bathroom tap, with a spanner included to ensure that fastening or unscrewing the threaded component is as convenient as possible. Compatible with all conventional taps with M 24 x 1 female or M 22 x 1 male threading.

Light relief: Save yourself the heavy carrying of watering cans, now you can easily bring water to irrigate your flowers on your terrace or veranda with the tap connector.

Flexible and Versatile: Attach a variety of devices simply and safely with the Original GARDENA system. First, place the adapter on the threading that you previously installed on your tap. Now just press the slider to fasten the adapter tightly onto the tap. To remove it, just press the slider in the opposite direction.

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