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GARDENA Telescopic 20/18V Cordless Pruner (Without Battery)

GARDENA Telescopic 20/18V Cordless Pruner (Without Battery)


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The lightweight yet powerful GARDENA telescopic branch pruner allows you to prune tree branches up to 4m high safely from the ground. Powered by the powerful POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE 18V battery (not included) you can get a run time of up to 120 minutes on a single charge. The tiltable head on the pruner allows you to prune in hard-to-reach areas or chop branches on the ground. The integrated support tip at the end of the cutting blade provides extra stability when pruning tree branches and allows you to pull down cut branches. The high quality 20cm cutting blade provides a clean, healthy cut and the handy LED indicator on the pruner allows you to easily see how much battery power you have left. Cordless Convenience: Thanks to the 20cm blade length and telescopic handle, you'll quickly get your trees into shape without the need to leave the ground. Branches and twigs of up to 50mm in thickness will cut without effort. Sturdy and Secure Pruning, With the battery telescopic pruner, you can trim tall trees while standing firmly on the ground and saw off individual branches up to a height of four metres. Tiltable Head: The narrow cutting head can be tilted allowing you to get into tight places in the treetop and chop up branches lying on the ground without having to bend down.

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