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GARDENA Wall-Mounted Rollup M/L Hose Box & 25m Hose

GARDENA Wall-Mounted Rollup M/L Hose Box & 25m Hose


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The hose box comes with a handy storage bracket, meaning you can keep your hose, spray guns and accessories together in one, convenient, tidy place. The innovative RollControl technology always ensures hose retraction is slow and controlled. The integrated hose guide ensures that the hose is drawn in evenly without kinking, knotting or twisting. Thanks to the practical short locking stops, you can conveniently pull the hose to the desired length. Simply release the lock with a slight pull and the hose is automatically and evenly rolled up. Long-lasting roll-up system: The hose can be rolled up automatically, safely and reliably because of the centrifugal brake and integrated hose guide. It rewinds steadily without twisting or kinking. Space-saving, flexible storage: The box can be pivoted through more than 180deg and is designed for wall-mounting & nozzles, spray guns and scrubbing brushes can be stored on the wall bracket where they will be ready to hand. Convenient and easy: No bending down, no winding in the hose and no dirty hands & these are the things gardeners appreciate about Gardena wall-mounted hose boxes. There is also no danger of tripping over a hose that has been left lying about. Frost-proof: The innovative Gardena frost protection system ensures that the Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp M/L is frost-proof and can stay outside all year round. Included with the product: 1x Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp, 1x 25 m Gardena hose (13 mm), 1x connecting hose, 1x nozzle, 1x wall bracket with screws, plugs and mounting aid.

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