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GARDENA Water Control Master

GARDENA Water Control Master


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Automatic, time-saving irrigation, the GARDENA Water Control Master allows you to create up to 6 individual watering programs. Connect your water control to a Micro-Drip system or sprinkler for automatic, convenient watering. The Master control is easy to operate thanks to the rotary and push control and easy-to-view LC display. Connect the weather-proof unit directly to the tap, then set your watering schedules, then sit back, relax, knowing your plants are being cared for. The Master Control can be easily adapted to suit weather conditions, buy either reducing water times in 10% steps, or pause the programs completely until its ready to be used again. Using 1x9V alkaline battery, the timer will stop watering if battery levels are too low. Use the water now function for continuous water flow without removing the unit from the tap. Automatic, flexible and time-saving irrigation with 6 independent schedules for start, duration and days of the week. Power level of the 9 V battery (not included) visible on the LCD screen; when the battery level is low, Safe Water Stop technology prevents watering commencing and any water leakage. Adaptable to weather conditions: reduce watering time centrally in 10% steps or pause directly for 1 to 9 days in the event of bad weather.

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