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GARDENA Water Control with Bluetooth

GARDENA Water Control with Bluetooth


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Automatic watering solution that saves you time

The GARDENA Water Control is part of a system that supports the watering of your garden reliably and conveniently, even when you are not at home. You will have more free time to enjoy and a rich green lawn, along with beautiful, healthy plants.

Easy to connect and configure using the GARDENA app

The free GARDENA Bluetooth app for iOS and Android (Online registration required) transforms your smartphone or tablet into a remote control, which can be used to conveniently and easily operate the valve’s control unit within a 10 metre range (iOS 12.X, Android 5.0, Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0).

Bluetooth control unit for automatic irrigation

Up to six automated schedules can be programmed using the GARDENA Bluetooth app. The soil humidity sensor, which is available separately, can be connected to save water whenever the soil is still damp enough that no further irrigation of the garden is necessary.

Efficient water management: The Bluetooth app allows you to control the irrigation of your garden easily and reliably wherever you are (online registration required)

Flexible programming: Up to 3 individually adjustable watering schedules – optional functions such as seasonal watering times and rain breaks

LED display: Shows information about the Bluetooth signal, battery status and active irrigation – a 9 V battery is needed for operation (not included)

Water-saving and environmentally friendly: The Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor, which is available separately, can be connected with the aim of reducing water use and ensuring that your garden is only watered when necessary

Included with the product: 1x Gardena Water Control Bluetooth (battery not included)

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