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GARDENA Weed Puller

GARDENA Weed Puller


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Remove weeds from the garden without the use of harsh chemicals with the GARDENA Weed Puller. Using patented high-quality narrow blades, simply insert the weed puller into the lawn, twist, pull and release, and weeds will be a thing of the past, with minimal damage to the garden. The practical footrest at the bottom of the weed puller allows you to push the tool into the ground easily. Ergonomically designed for comfort, using the weed puller means you no longer have to bend down and pull weeds from the ground. The high-quality weeding tool comes with an outstanding 25 year warranty.

Simple and Effective: The ideal tool to effectively remove unsightly weeds in your lawn and flower beds, its narrow blades carries out precise work, leaving only small holes behind.

Environmentally-Friendly Weeding: The weeding blade works purely mechanically and without chemicals - protecting your garden and the environment.

Practical and Ergonomic: The practical footrest makes digging into the soil easier and the ergonomically shaped handle allows you to twist the tool smoothly and comfortably.

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