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Graef 6 Pack of Descaler Tablets

Graef 6 Pack of Descaler Tablets


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There are 6 descaling tablets in one package.

In general, we recommend the espresso machine with frequent use also according to more often to clean or descale. With daily use of the espresso machine we recommend to clean and descale the machine about 1 time per month. Also pay attention to the water hardness in your region. The harder the water, the more often you should descale the machine.

By the way:

The descaling tablets are suitable for all Graef filter coffee machines, portafilter machines and stainless steel kettles.

This product can be used for the following GRAEF products:

Espresso machine ES 80 (ES 80)

Espresso machine ES 90 (ES 90)

Water kettle WK 61 (WK61EU)

Water kettle WK 62 (WK62EU)

Water kettle WK 80 (WK 80)

Water kettle WK 85 (WK 85)

Espresso machine ES 91 (ES 91)

Espresso machine ES 81 (ES81)

Water kettle WK 71 (WK 71)

Water kettle WK 72 (WK 72)

Espresso machine ES 85 (ES85EU)

Espresso machine ES 86 (ES 86)

Espresso machine ES 70 (ES 70)

Profi Set Plus (ES85+CM800) (ES85SETEU)

Starter Set Plus (ES70+CM70) (ES 70 SET)

Water kettle WK 701 (WK701EU)

Water kettle WK 702 (WK702EU)

Espresso machine ES 95 (ES95EU)

Water kettle WK 900 (WK900EU)

Water kettle WK 401 (WK401EU)

Water kettle WK 402 (WK402EU)

Water kettle WK 902 (WK902EU)

pivalla (ES702EU)

contessa (ES1000EU2)

pivalla SET (pivalla + CM702) (ES702EUSET)

Water kettle WK 501 (WK501EU)

Water kettle WK 502 (WK502EU)

pivalla "Nespresso®*" (ES702EU1)

pivalla "Lavazza a Modo Mio*" (ES702EU2)

pivalla "Tchibo Cafissimo*" (ES702EU3)

pivalla "Nescafé®* Dolce Gusto®*" (ES702EU4)

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