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HoMedics Spa Nail Buffer and Polisher

HoMedics Spa Nail Buffer and Polisher


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The Homedics Nail Polisher buffs and shines nails leaving them ready to wear and smooth. Ideal for hands and feet this revolutionary device is easy to use and leaves your nails with a naturally beautiful shine. It effortlessly reveals naturally beautiful shiny nails in seconds. Ergonomically designed to allow easy and comfortable grip while you are doing your nails. It makes your natural nails shiny too.

ALL-IN-ONE NAIL CARE: The HoMedics nail buffer and polisher is an your answer to an all-in-one at home nail care system. Usable on both hands and feet, your nails will be spruced up in no time

THREE SIMPLE STEPS: The nail buffer and polisher comes with four interchangeable heads. Firstly, file ridges with either the coarse or fine head and shape your nail, then buff your nail bed with and finish off with polish to give your nails a natural

BUILT IN LED: The HoMedics Nail File comes with a built in LED for closer illumination of imperfections and for a quick touch up without any hassle

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