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MasterChef 4.5L Digital Air Fryer

MasterChef 4.5L Digital Air Fryer


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This professional quality air fryer is designed in Great Britain and is an official product of MasterChef the TV Series. This MasterChef air fryer fries, bakes, grills, roasts and even reheats. Thanks to the 360 degree hot air circulation, non-stick grill and crisper plate you can enjoy healthy, perfectly cooked food that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside without having to add any extra oil. Instead of frying your food in hot oil, this air fryer uses hot air to cook your favourite dishes to perfection. It cooks without needing extra fat and uses much less energy than a conventional oven. At the touch of a button the digital one-touch control screen allows you to select one of the 7 easy pre-set cooking options and the timer up to 60 minutes. The air fryer can always be opened during the cooking process to check the progress of your favourite dish and the timer can be adjusted as needed at any moment.  Small and compact enough to stay on your countertop without being too bulky but big enough to feed 2 people of a small family.

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