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MasterChef 6 Piece Natural Wood Utensil Set

MasterChef 6 Piece Natural Wood Utensil Set


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The MasterChef 6-piece utensil set is a household necessity for casual and professional chefs alike. Official product of the famous TV series MasterChef, the set includes a ladle, skimmer, slotted spatula, solid spatula, whisk, and serving spoon. Including scratch-resistant nylon heads to protect your countertops and cookware, as well as comfortable, ergonomic natural wood handles, this set is the perfect addition to round out any kitchen. Bon Appetit! Essential 6-Piece Set - Six functional cooking utensils with real wood handles, essential for daily use in every kitchen. Real Wooden Handles - The handles of this utensil set are made out of sustainably sourced natural wood for a smooth, comfortable grip and scald-free handling. Non-Scratch & Heat Resistant - Each utensil is made from non-scratch material and designed with smooth edges to protect your kitchenware. The items can withstand high temperatures and are safe to use for cooking and handling hot foods. Perfect For Non-Stick Cookware - These smooth, non-scratch utensils are excellent to use in combination with non-stick pots, pans, and bakeware as they will not damage their coated surfaces.

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