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MasterChef Black 1.7L Electric Kettle

MasterChef Black 1.7L Electric Kettle


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This large electric kettle is an official product of MasterChef the TV Series, designed in Great Britain. With this fast heating, 2000-Watt kettle, the wait for your brew is never long, it will boil a cup of water in a matter of seconds. The built-in thermostat provides precise temperature control and assures safety when it's in use. The generous 1.7L large capacity enables making up to 8 cups of tea or coffee in one single boil, making it the perfect kettle for family homes and office kitchens. The functional 360° swivel base enables you to position the kettle at any angle for the most safe and easy pick up when ready to pour. The auto switch-off feature will turn the kettle off once the water is boiled, while the dry boil protection feature will prevent the kettle from overheating when the water level is too low, saving power and ensuring safety. Off the base, the kettle is completely cordless making it easy to clean the inside and outside. Any limescale or deposits on the inside are simply cleaned away with lemon juice or vinegar. The washable filter inside the lid is removable for ease of use.

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