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MasterChef Kitchen Knife Sharpener

MasterChef Kitchen Knife Sharpener


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The MasterChef 3 stage knife sharpening tool can be used for bread knives, paring knives, chef knives or even your kitchen scissors. With the 3 stage sharpening system, there are sharpening stones for a variety of blade types and desired sharpness. Affixed with a comfortable soft touch handle and non-slip base the MasterChef knife sharpener was constructed with safety and security in mind. To ensure the increased stability of this hand-held sharpener, the silicone base adheres to all countertops to ensure safe sharpening for all. Measuring up at under 20cm in length, this manual knife sharpener is small and convenient but still packs the same punch as electrical sharpening machines. If you're a travelling chef or a cook on-the-go you can easily transport this handy kitchen tool around with you and use it at your convenience.

OFFICIAL MASTERCHEF PRODUCT - This professional quality knife sharpener is an official product of MasterChef the TV Series, designed in Great Britain.

3 STEP SHARPENING - This manual knife sharpener regenerates every blade to perfection in three steps through burr removal, blade sharpening and blade realignment for a perfect straight cut.

ERGONOMIC SOFT TOUCH HAND GRIP - The soft-touch handle of this sharpener is ergonomically designed for safety and convenience. Even if you have never sharpened a knife before you will feel confident with its straightforward use.

SAFE & CONVENIENT NON-SLIP BASE - To ensure increased stability of this hand-held sharpener on your kitchen counter, it has a non-slip base making it efficient and reliable in use.

VERSATILE & DURABLE - This knife sharpener sharpens not only kitchen knives but also scissors. Its combination of stainless steel and ABS give it a durable construction that allows your knives and scissors to keep their cutting edge for years to come.

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