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MasterChef Set of 2 Bamboo Chopping Boards

MasterChef Set of 2 Bamboo Chopping Boards


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This professional quality 2 piece bamboo board set is an official product of MasterChef the TV Series, designed in Great Britain.
Set of two rectangular shaped, hard wearing bamboo chopping boards to prep, slice, dice and present food. Essential in every kitchen.
Size of chopping boards: 38cm x 27.5cm x 1cm, 34cm x 23.5cm x 1cm.
The chopping boards are made from natural, sustainably sourced bamboo. Bamboo is fast growing, requires no fertiliser and self-regenerates from its own roots making it a very eco-friendly material.
With no added chemicals our bamboo boards are completely safe to use for preparing and presenting food. Bamboo is naturally non-porous and doesn't absorb liquids or retain smells.
It is easy to clean by rinsing with warm soapy water and not suitable for dishwashing. As bamboo is naturally more resistant to harmful bacteria than wood, it is a very hygienic surface for food preparation.
The top surface of the smaller chopping board has a deep juice rim to catch the juices from the fruits, vegetables or meat you are preparing, keeping your kitchen counter clean.

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