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Princess 12000BTU Smart Air Conditioner

Princess 12000BTU Smart Air Conditioner


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This elegant Princess 353200 Smart Air Conditioner 12000 has a hidden display with touchscreen that is only visible when the device is in use. This smart air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU is not only easily operated with the control panel and remote control, but also via the HomeWizard Climate app and voice control.

Cool the air via your smartphone
This air conditioner can be operated via the HomeWizard Climate app. This app is available for Android and iOS and works with Google Assistant and Siri. This way you can control this Princess air conditioner from anywhere within your living area and when you are not at home. You only have to connect the air conditioning to your Wi-Fi network and then you can be sure that you will come home to a fresh home in the hot summer.

Multifunctional use
With this Princess air conditioner you can cool and dehumidify your home. Thanks to the adjustable fan speed, digital timer and swing function, you can set this air conditioner exactly to your own wishes and needs. The air conditioner also has a convenient "Fan" mode. Is it always so hot in your bedroom during the summer? At night, set the Princess Air Conditioner to "Fan" mode and enjoy a nice breeze while sleeping.

This air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 3.5 kW is very economical in consumption and labeled with the energy label A. In addition, you will certainly not be bothered by the noise of this Princess Air Conditioner because it only has a noise level of 65 db. This powerhouse with a power of 1346 watts is suitable for a range of 100 m3 and easily cools your living-, work- or bedroom.

Elegant and practical design
This modern and minimalist designed device has a hidden display. This means that you cannot see the display when the device is not in use. This results in a stylish and sleek appearance. A (cloth) window sealing kit is included with this Princess air conditioner and the smart device also has a water tank indication. This way you can see exactly when the water tank is full and needs to be emptied.

What do you find in the box?
Princess Smart Air Conditioner 12000, (cloth) window seal kit & manual

Reasons to choose the Princess Smart Air Conditioner 12000:

  • Can be operated via the remote control, HomeWizard Climate app and voice control
  • Use the fan setting on hot days and the air conditioning setting during heat waves
  • Energy-efficient and without noise pollution
  • Stylish and sleek design with a hidden display
  • Window sealing kit included
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