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Princess Smart Air Purifier

Princess Smart Air Purifier


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Smart air purifier with 3 in 1 filter system which effectively removes dust, pollen and other allergens from the air. Highly efficient in relieving allergy, asthma and COPD symptoms as well as removing bad odors and smoke.

Its 3 in 1 filter removes up to 99.97% of impurities from the air. The nylon pre-filter removes hair, dust, pet fur and the coarsest dirt; the H13 HEPA filter removes microparticles and finer dust such as bacteria, pollen and mold spores; the activated carbon filter eliminates bad odors, smoke and fumes. Improves the air quality in your home to protect yourself and your loved ones.

With the free HomeWizard Climate app you can track and control the air purifier even when you are not at home. Compatible with Android and iOS.

With the app you can control the 4 speed settings, set timers and schedules or set it to sleep mode. Equipped with convenient quality indicator that directly displays the air quality by means of colours. A green light indicates optimal air quality while a red light notifies you of poor air quality.

With a CADR of 280 m³/h, this 29 W purifier is suitable for rooms of 35 m². Ideal for use in your bedroom, home office or sitting room.

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