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Princess Smart Tower Fan

Princess Smart Tower Fan


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Grant yourself the ultimate way of cooling any room with the luxurious Princess Smart Tower fan. This unique fan can be easily controlled via the HomeWizard Climate app on your smartphone or via Alexa and Google Home. Set time schedules or adjust the wind speed without even getting up from your couch or bed and even when you are not at home. The Princess Smart fan will always be there to cool you down.

Luxurious design and features
The Princess tower fan has a very luxurious design with LED-indicator lights. You can easily choose one of three different air flows via the display or using your smartphone. The natural mode will give you the feeling of a stroll through the forest or a relaxing walk on the beach thanks to the subtle changes in wind flow. The sleep setting is perfect if you want to use the fan in the bedroom. The air flow is calm and yet still refreshing. You can even turn the fan on and off and change settings by using voice commands thanks to the unique smart functionality.

Powerful motor for the ultimate cooling air flow
The 50 Watt motor generates a powerful air flow that can reach every corner of the room thanks to the oscillating range of 80 degrees. The slim design makes the fan fit in any room and its luxurious design with stainless steel accents makes it a real eyecatcher in your modern interior.

Convenient timer function
The Princess tower fan has a timer function that you can use if you sometimes forget to shut off a fan. This way you also save energy. The timer can be set between 1 and 8 hours so you just have to turn the fan on, set the timer and enjoy the refreshing breeze. You can also control the timer via the HomeWizard Climate app on your smartphone and even set schedules so the fan will turn on or off on the predefined time.

PRO Series and Alexa
When you already have the Smartwares PRO Series Link, you can add the Princess Smart fan to your smart home. The PRO series connects seamlessly with a wide range of smart devices on your smartphone and are thus app and voice controlled via Alexa. The PRO series includes products such as smart light bulbs, smoke detectors, water detectors and plugs. All these products make your home smart so you have more time for the good things in life. Welcome to a smarter future!

What’s in the box:
Princess Smart tower fan,instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Princess Smart Tower Fan:

Ultra-luxurious fan that creates an ultimate refreshing breeze in your living room, office or bedroom

Easy to control via smartphone or voice control via the HomeWizard Climate app for the ultimate convenience

Thanks to its slim and modern design the fan will fit beautiful in your modern interior

Enjoy the three air flow settings for the feeling of a refreshing walk on the beach or a special setting for a good night sleep

The fan can shut off automatically by setting time schedules in the app or using the timer function

Tower fan: With a powerful 50 Watt motor, this fan is designed to provide a strong and consistent breeze throughout your room, keeping you comfortable all day long

Airflow settings: The fan features three different speed modes (950, 1150 or 1300 rpm), allowing you to customize the airflow to your preference

Easy to control: The temperature can be easily adjusted through the digital panel on top of the fan, with the included remote control, voice assistant or with your smartphone (download the free Princess home app)

Oscillating function: The tower fan also features an oscillating function that allows it to rotate up to 80 degrees, providing a wide and even distribution of air throughout the room

Timer function: It also comes with an 8 hour timer function which allows you to turn off the air conditioner at your preferred time, effectively reducing your energy consumption and save on your electricity costs

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