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Russell Hobbs Distinctions Titanium Espresso Coffee Machine

Russell Hobbs Distinctions Titanium Espresso Coffee Machine


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Whether you're a morning coffee drinker or you love a cup after dinner, you can enjoy a freshly brewed barista-style espresso any time you like with the Russell Hobbs Titanium Distinctions Espresso Machine. It has all the features you'd expect for professional coffee shop quality including 15-bar pressure, a steam/milk wand and cup warmer for 4 cups. You can control your shot measures and the quantity of coffee going into each cup. Add to these functions and features its show-off worthy distinctive design and you have everything you need to make impressive espressos at home, without the coffee house price tag. Start your day with a single or double shot of espresso in your coffee cup. This iconic punch of caffeine is the perfect wake-up call and, coming from the Russell Hobbs Distinctions Espresso Machine, you'll think it's been made by a professional barista. The number of bars on an espresso machine indicates the pressure the higher the bar, the more pressure. Generally, 15 bars is considered the optimum pressure level for good quality espresso. With a built-in thermoblock heater, the espresso machine heats up quickly for better brewing and steaming and then maintains an optimum and consistent temperature. This means your espresso won't cool down before you steam or froth the milk. Perfecto! The steam wand is the perfect tool for creating coffee-shop style cappuccino, latte, mocha and other coffee favourites.

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