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Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron

Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron


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Ironing; whether you love it or hate it, speed up the process with the Supreme Steam Iron from Russell Hobbs. With a combination of features, this iron has been designed to help whiz through large or small ironing piles with ease, helping you get the job done faster. With a non-stick stainless steel soleplate combined with 40 g/min continuous steam and a 110 g/min steam shot this iron ensures even distribution and a smooth glide to get through even the toughest of fabrics in no time. The Supreme Steam Iron features a large easy fill 300 ml water tank meaning you can get through a sizeable pile in one go without refilling. The self-clean function helps to protect the iron from scale damage - this will prolong the performance and life of your iron. A powerful vertical steam function means you can take conventional ironing to the next level and steam hanging garments with ease, from bed linen to curtains. The spray function helps you get to grips with stubborn creases in one go and help you achieve a professionally ironed finish. The anti-drip function ensures your ironed garments are water mark free and the 2M cord allows you to iron with ease whilst the soft touch handle and dial ensures the unit sits comfortably in the hand. Whether you like ironing or if it's a chore you put off, the Supreme Steam has all of the functions you need. It's been designed and manufactured to deliver high-performance, so you can enjoy a quality result after every use. 42 g continuous steam and 110 g shot of steam. Powerful vertical steam. Self-cleaning function. Easy fill 300 ml tank. Soft touch handle and dial. All irons are function tested during the quality testing, hence it might look used but it is not.

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