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Solis 2 Slice Flex Toaster

Solis 2 Slice Flex Toaster


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Do you want to put a complete breakfast or a stunning lunch on the table? This is easier than ever with the Flex Toaster. Thanks to the extra-wide slots, bread, bagels or English muffins up to a size of 12 x 13.5 cm are toasted effortlessly. Feel like having a croissant? Simply heat it up with the help of the removable bun warmer. This multifunctional toaster allows you to toast 7 types of bread: white or whole wheat bread, bagels, waffles, English muffins, plaited bread and even gluten-free bread. Choose the right program for your favourite bread and let the Flex Toaster do the rest. As for toasting gluten-free bread, the special function with reduced toasting time ensures that gluten-free bread browns evenly without burning. In short, with the Flex Toaster you can choose your preferred settings for breakfast or lunch in no time at all. Do you often eat the same bread? Thanks to the 4 freely programmable memory locations, you do not need to select your preferred settings every time. This does not only make toasting bread easy, but also very quick!

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