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Solis Barista Gran Gusto Espresso Coffee Machine

Solis Barista Gran Gusto Espresso Coffee Machine


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Portafilter Espresso machine

Enjoying a sublime cup of coffee without leaving the house, that’s something everyone would want, right? The Barista Gran Gusto of Solis makes this possible. The programmable cup size, steam function and professional filter holder for 58mm filter elements make this device a real must-have for every coffee lover. The espresso machine features low pressure pre-infusion. This means that the freshly ground coffee is first gently moistened, which creates an even extraction of coffee. Another plus of the Solis Gran Gusto is the high capacity pump, with 15 bar pressure. This ensures that your espresso is ready in only one minute!

Steam pipe for the greatest cappuccino

Do you want a device that allows you to have a delicious coffee and cappuccino? The Gran Gusto makes this possible! With the steam function of this espresso machine you can easily make 'micro milk foam' for the greatest cappuccino. Enjoy your coffee variation!

360° rotatable steam pipe

Do you love a delicious Americano in the morning, but do you prefer a cappuccino at night? Then you should find an espresso machine which can offer you both! The Barista Gran Gusto is the espresso machine you’re looking for! Thanks to the handy 360° rotatable steam pipe you can easily turn your espresso into a delicious cappuccino. In addition, the steam pipe can produce hot water as well, so you can easily make an Americano as well.

Single and double spout

Low-pressure pre-infusion

Large water tank

Steam / hot water wand

58 mm filter inserts

Programmable cup size

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