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Solis Citrus Press Station Citrus Juicer

Solis Citrus Press Station Citrus Juicer


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Because the handle does not stick up, the press is easy to store in your kitchen cabinet. If you would like to, because with the beautiful design and solid die-cast aluminium housing it also fits well in any interior. The citrus juicer is designed to squeeze all types and sizes of citrus fruits. The Solis Citrus Press Station has a solid metal pressing arm. This allows you to exert optimal pressure on the fruit, without any effort.

The silent, high-end juicer

As soon as the lever or press cone is pressed onto the juice cone, the press starts automatically. The press, with its powerful but quiet 230 Watt motor and specially shaped cone, is suitable for all citrus fruits and allows you to have a delicious fruit juice on the table in no time. The juice cone is made of heavy cast aluminum, which results in a maximum amount of juice, regardless of the size of the citrus fruit. All parts are removable and dishwasher safe.

The best quality with a luxurious look

The Solis press comes with two stainless steel pulp sieves. One with smaller openings so that less pulp in the juice, the other with larger openings to allow more pulp through. The juice is collected under the sieve and flows via the juice spout into the glass. The juice spout can be folded up after use to prevent dripping of fruit juice, so you keep your countertop neat and no juice is lost. The press is equipped with suction cup feet so it stands securely and can be used effortlessly.

Compact, versatile press

The juicer is easy to store without taking up a lot of space in the cupboard. The press arm folds down and with the locking lever, the unit is a lot more compact than what you're used to. The dust cover ensures that the machine stays clean when you are not using it. Solis Citrus Press Station is an asset to your kitchen. You conjure up freshly squeezed juice effortlessly, so you can enjoy a hefty dose of vitamins and minerals in no time. The high vitamin C content offers good resistance to the flu and colds, which is a nice bonus.

All sizes of citrus fruits

Double cone

Dishwasher safe parts

Easy in use

Closable juice spout

Easy to store

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