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Solis Easy Breezy Tower Fan Wood Effect

Solis Easy Breezy Tower Fan Wood Effect


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The Solis Easy Breezy not only provides a cool breeze, with its clear structure and simple design, the fan fits into any room. The look is simple, but beautiful, which ensures that the tower fan does not stand out too much, but just enough.

The Solis Easy Breezy features a dust filter, which removes dust and dirt particles from the air. The built-in filters can be easily removed with one hand. We recommend to clean the filter regularly.

The Solis Easy Breezy provides clean and fresh air, even on hot days. In addition, the fan has 3 different function modes (normal, natural and sleep), 3 fan levels and a switchable oscillation of approx. 70 degrees.

Thanks to the remote control and the touch-sensitive control panel, it is child's play to operate the Easy Breezy. This fan is equipped with three fan levels and function types, which allows you to tailor the Easy Breezy to your needs. Whether you prefer a light breeze or a pleasant cool down - simply select the appropriate function with the remote control or execute the function on the device.

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