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Solis Gelateria Pro Touch Icecream Maker

Solis Gelateria Pro Touch Icecream Maker


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An ice cream parlour right in your own kitchen making customised flavours of ice cream whenever you want to? For those who are up for refreshing kitchen adventures, the Solis Gelateria Pro Touch is the perfect tool. This fully automatic ice cream machine does not only make ice cream, but also sorbet, gelato, yogurt and frozen yogurt. You can make up to 1.5 litres of ice cream or 1.8 litres of yogurt at a time. Conveniently select automatic presets or manual settings on the hygienic easy-to-clean touch screen and choose between different consistency levels. The automatic refrigeration function keeps freshly made ice cream cool for up to 20 minutes after the preparation has ended, until the ice cream is stored in the freezer. Freshly made yogurt is kept at a temperature of 9 °C until the appliance is switched off. The machine comes fully equipped with everything you need to make ice cream and yogurt in the comfort of your own home. You only need to add the ingredients, select the settings and wait for your treat to be finished. The design of the Gelateria Pro Touch is not just beautifully timeless, making it blend into any kitchen interior. It is also very functional: The hygienic stainless-steel case and touch screen as well as the accessories are all easy to clean, so you can spend more time on making even more ice cream!

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