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Solis Set of 2 Wine Bottle Stoppers

Solis Set of 2 Wine Bottle Stoppers


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For longer wine enjoyment.

Vacuum bottle stoppers.

A whole bottle of wine does not always empty in one go. Especially if you just treat yourself to a glass of wine from time to time to eat or at the end of a busy day. To ensure that the wine is still enjoyable even the next cosy evening, the opened bottle should be kept airtight. The practical vacuum seals from Solis will help you. They protect the wine from oxidation, so that it tastes as delicious as the first glass for several days after opening.

And this is how it works:

Use the wine bottle stoppers with a Solis vacuum sealer with hose connection. Place the cap on the bottle opening. Then connect the hose to the vacuum sealer and press it with the rubber nub end onto the grey valve of the closure. The air in the bottle is sucked, creating a vacuum.

Advantages at a glance:

2 bottle caps for use with vacuum sealer

For sealing wine bottles for longer drinking enjoyment.

Easy to use.



Easy to clean.

Includes hose connection set.

Vacuum seal for longer shelf life

Air contains oxygen that causes the wine to oxidate and causes it to stop tasting at some point. By vacuuming, you can prevent it from coming so far by simply removing the oxygen from the bottle. If you store the wine additionally protected from light and cooled in the refrigerator, it will last even longer. So the good drop is guaranteed not to end up in the spout.

Set of 2 vacuum bottle caps for sealing wine bottles for longer drinking enjoyment, for use in combination with Solis vacuum sealers

Easy to use: connect to the respective Solis vacuum system via the enclosed hose connection set

Food-safe – optimal fit to any bottle neck, high-quality food-safe plastic material

Sustainable – reusable, easy to clean in warm soapy water

Box contents: 2 x Solis vacuum wine bottle stoppers, including hose connection set, vacuuming/storage, reusable

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