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Solis Swiss Perfection Plus Hairdryer

Solis Swiss Perfection Plus Hairdryer


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Professional hair dryer with super powerful and silent performance

The Swiss Perfection Plus generates 50% more air pressure and 40% more air emissions than other professional hair dryers. That means that this hair dryer dries your hair quickly but gently. In addition, the Solis Swiss Perfection Plus has a Smart SIlencer, which means that the hair dryer is not only very fast, but also very quiet. With 3 heating and speed levels, you can select the optimal setting for your hair. The hairdryer also has a cold air button. This is ideal for adding elasticity and volume to your hairstyle. The ergonomic handle and 2.8 m cable ensure effortless use. The appliance comes with a handy styling nozzle that allows you to easily dry individual strands. Thanks to the tourmaline, ceramic and ion technology, your hair is smoother and has more shine. This way you go out with a beautiful haircut!

The advantages:

50% more air pressure

40% more air

Smart Silencer for silent use

Cold air button

Professional AC motor

Ion technology

Includes styling nozzle

Removable hair filter

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