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Solis Vacuum Foil Rolls 20x600cm (2PCS)

Solis Vacuum Foil Rolls 20x600cm (2PCS)


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Did you know that you can keep food fresh for up to 8 times longer by vacuum-packing it? As a result, you will not only reduce food waste but save money at the same time. Another important benefit of vacuum-packing food is its aroma-preserving property: Vacuum-sealing locks in all flavours while protecting food from contamination with unwanted odours at the same time. This allows you to store your favourite cheese without the loss of aromas or taking on the sometimes unpleasant odour of your fridge. In contrast to vacuum-seal bags, rolls allow you to cut and seal individually sized bags to limit the use of plastic exactly to your needs. To reduce the use of plastic even more, the durable material makes these bags suitable for reuse after thorough cleaning. Preserves Freshness: Keeps food fresh for up to 8 times longer, reducing food waste and saving money. Protection Against Loss of Aroma: Locks in aroma and protects food from taking on unwanted odours. Custom Size & Reusable: Allows you to use and dispose as little plastic as necessary. Durable Material: A thick, three-layered film resists punctures and tearing. Ideal for Cooking & Freezing: Suitable for sous-vide cooking, microwaves, boiling water and freezing. Food-Safe & Free of BPA: Made of food-save, BPA-free plastic for guaranteed safety and quality. 

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