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Solis Vacuum Lunch Boxes (2 x 600 ml)

Solis Vacuum Lunch Boxes (2 x 600 ml)


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Keeps your food fresh for a longer period

Lunch boxes for vacuum sealers

The practical vacuum lunch boxes from Solis are ideal for keeping opened food and prepared dishes fresh for a longer period. In addition, these lunch boxes are also ideal for transport: take them to work or take them with you while traveling. The lunch box can be connected to a vacuum sealing machine. Herbs, meat, pasta salads and other food will be packed airtight this way. It will allow you to keep them stored for a longer period. You can easily take your lunch to work in these food save lunch boxes. It’s also easy to heat your food during the lunch break as the lunch boxes are microwave-safe.

This is how it works:

Use the boxes with a Solis vacuum sealing machine with a tube connection. Put the food in the container and close it with the lid. Connect the tube to the vacuum device and press it onto the gray valve in the lid of the lunch box. The air in the box is extracted, creating a vacuum. To open the box, simply press the button in the lid together.

The advantages:

2 rectangular lunch boxes of 600 ml each

Longer storage of food

Easily transport food

Made of hygienic polypropylene (PP)

BPA free and food safe

Microwave safe

Dishwasher safe

Includes tube connection set

Vacuuming for longer shelf life

Vacuuming allows you to keep food fresh for much longer, because lack of oxygen prevents bacteria from multiplying, which slows down the spoilage process. Vacuuming also protects against loss of aroma and consistency. Opened food does not need to be thrown away and can be reused later.

KEEP IT FRESH - With the Solis Vacuum Lunch Box(s), food stays fresh for up to four times longer.

MICROWAVE PROOF - Also suitable for the microwave, heat up yesterday's meal in the Solis Vacuum Lunch Box

EASY TO USE - Thanks to the handy hose connection, the box can be vacuumed by a vacuuming machine.

IN THE BOX - 2x Solis Vacuum Lunch Box 600 ml, 11.5 x 14 x 6.5 cm, including 1 hose connection set

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