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Solis Vario Temp Tea Kettle

Solis Vario Temp Tea Kettle


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Maybe you never think about hit it, but for green tea and for black tea you shouldn’t use the same water temperature. Or maybe you’re just an fervent tea lover and you know exactly what temperature at which tea-type hears. Either way this stainless steel kettle is a must-have for every tea lover. The Solis Vario Temp has four buttons to set the right temperature for different types of tea. From 70 °C for a delicious cup of green tea up to 100 °C for a cup of black tea. The kettle has a spacious jug (1.7 liters). The Solis Vario Temp Kettle has a power of 2200 watts, therefore the water is ready for use in no time. When the water is ready, you will hear a acoustic sound signal. Don't you need the water yet? Then you can use the keep-warm function: your water stays on your desired temperature up to 2 hours.

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