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Spear & Jackson Eclipse 8" General Purpose Snips

Spear & Jackson Eclipse 8" General Purpose Snips


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Our range of cutting tools is diverse enough to choose what you want. For example, we offer High Tensile Bolt Cutters, available in a range of sizes, with a choice of tubular or solid forged handles.

A wide choice of Hacksaw Frames, suitable for cutting a wide range of metals and other materials. We also offer Standard and Junior Hacksaw Frames with a choice of handle types. Our range also encompasses Specialist Saw Frames, designed for materials such as wood, bone, plastics and jewellery.

For cutting sheet metal

Integrated stops prevent trapped fingers without compromising the jaw capacity

Drop forged handles made from high quality carbon steel with a hard wearing enamel finish

Precision hollow ground blades reduce friction for an easy cutting action, the induction hardened and tempered blades can be easily re-sharpened

High tensile bolt with self locking nut which can be easily adjusted and re-set

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