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Streetwize 12V 1.5A Automatic Trickle Charger

Streetwize 12V 1.5A Automatic Trickle Charger


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A mains operated 12V automatic trickle charger that provides a slow charge (1.5A) to help you keep your 12V batteries fully charged and optimised when not in use. This trickle charger is perfect for overnight charging as the slow charge prevents the battery from getting overcharged.

Ideal for slow charging 12V batteries in motorhomes, vintage & custom show vehicles, boats, lawn mowers, golf karts & golf trolleys. It is also suitable for charging 12V batteries in vehicles or equipment that is in storage.

Suitable for charging lead acid, gel and standard maintenance free batteries.

IMPORTANT: This charger should ONLY be used indoors.
LED power/charging indicators

Supplied with battery charging cables.

Comes with electrical protection features which include overcharging, overheating and short circuit protection

Input: 230VAC 50Hz 30W
Output: 12VDC 1.5A

Supplied with instruction manual

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