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Streetwize 150PSI 12V Tornado Metal Air Compressor

Streetwize 150PSI 12V Tornado Metal Air Compressor


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Streetwize Tornado Air Compressor is an easy to use car accessory & you just need to plug it into the cigarette lighter socket of a car. This air compressor ensures that the air pressure of the tires is always maintained at the optimum level. The 3-piece adapter kit allows it to be used for all kinds of vehicles, or pretty much anything with wheels in it. The 12v power cable can be plugged into a cigarette lighter socket and with its long length it can comfortably reach every tire of the car. Streetwize Air Pump is the perfect appliance for a campervan/RV. With its analogue pressure gauge it is very easy to read PSI or BAR readings in order to optimize the pressure in the tires. Packed in a handy storage bag, this tire inflating accessory can be taken along whenever you are on the go. Equip your RV with this pump because a vehicle as big as an RV needs frequent air pressure checks and you may not be able to find a check-up stations everywhere. Take this pump to inflate everything, from your kids bicycle to your campervan. Plug directly into the cigarette lighter socket and Streetwize pump will be ready to inflate any kind of vehicle. Take this pump on your next campervan trip and enjoy a stress-free holiday with your friends and family.

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