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Streetwize 2 Tonne (2000kg) Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Streetwize 2 Tonne (2000kg) Hydraulic Bottle Jack


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This heavy duty hydraulic bottle jack can lift a maximum weight of 2 tonne (2000kgs). Made for lifting the vehicle for changing a vehicle’s wheel, one wheel at a time. It provides a lifting range between 158mm and 308mm.

To operate the hydraulic bottle jack, position the jack as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Adjust the height using the extension screw so that it fits underneath the main point where it is going to lift up the vehicle. Then assemble the lifting handle and start pumping to raise the vehicle. When finished, release the valve to lower the vehicle.

2 tonne (2000kg) Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Lifting range: 158mm to 308mm

Approved by GS/TUV/CE

Heavy duty saddle with seating grooves.

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