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Streetwize Electric Air Pump

Streetwize Electric Air Pump


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Keeping you Safer, Ready for Emergencies: Streetwize air inflation deflation pump is the result of blending the functionalities of a household inflating device and car accessory. This deflation-inflation pump serves as a great companion for road trips as it doesn’t require a lot of storage space and works smoothly. All you need is the adaptor and 12V DC charging point – easily found in most cars and caravans. It contains 3 differently sized nozzles, making it easily compatible with all kinds of vehicles. One DIY Pump for Many Needs: The standard tyre inflation pump does only one thing – provide precision inflation. However, this compressor pump ensures you can deflate or inflate to maintain the perfect air pressure. This boosts the life of tyres and raises overall fuel efficiency. Moreover, this small inflating pump can be used to help in daily requirements – capable of inflating / deflating items like balloons, beach toys, air mattresses, padding pools, etc. This 12V electric pump from Streetwize is a rather useful car accessory. Worthy of being stacked in the car’s trunk or the garage, it might help to restore the ideal tyre balance for bigger wheels when you are out camping. Streetwize 12V pump can be used to inflate not only tyres, but it has many other indoor & outdoor uses. The portable pump can inflate beach toys, balls, toys and is very handy with pool inflatables.This air inflator is easy to operate. Just plug-in the portable compressor in a 12V DC / 240V AC charging point. With individual inflation and deflation ports, this dual function pump is a handy automotive accessory. Maximum functioning time of the inflating pump is 20 minutes. The travel pump is relevant to all caravan enthusiasts. It can quickly bring a camping mattress to life. 

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