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Streetwize Pet Cool Mat

Streetwize Pet Cool Mat


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Pets deserve to be looked after best done with Streetwize Pet Self Cooling Mat. Unlike any other pet bed supplies today, this product is about maintaining a cooler bedding for pets no matter how hot or humid it gets. The foldable pet bed provides a snug space for the pets to relax. The waterproof surface makes this portable pet bed immune to accidental spills. Cleaning this mat is easy just wipe with a moist cloth and it is done. As portable as any travel friendly pet carrier, lightweight & foldable, this mat pad is ideal for homes, veterinary clinics, dog spas, moving pet services, etc. It is filled with a non-toxic get to keep pets away from allergies. The air-cooling mat helps animals in the blazing heat very handy when camping in hot climates. Keeping the body cool, it regulates pets body temperature. The portable animal sleeping mat is ideal to keep pets happy & healthy. Puncture-resistant pet pad is made from outdoor-ready, tough materials. Streetwize ensures that the self-cooled mat stays toxin-free and safe for all the entire family & is easy to pack as a part of travel gear as well.

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