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Tefal Cook4Me+ One-Pot Digital Pressure Cooker

Tefal Cook4Me+ One-Pot Digital Pressure Cooker


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Introducing Tefal Cook4Me+ one-pot digital pressure cooker designed to simplify everyday cooking. Simply scroll and click to select one of the 100 built-in recipes, then follow the step by step guidance on the intuitive digital screen.You can also download the Tefal App to access over 200 additional recipes, and many more features such as Shopping list or In my Fridge. Enjoy its large 6L capacity, cooking up to 6 portions, perfect for families or batch cooking. Temperature and pressure regulators will take care of all the work, using pressure cooking to retain more nutrients than traditional cooking. Thanks to automatic pressure release and keep warm function you won't have to worry about the cooking process and your food will be ready when you are. Its 6L capacity makes it perfect for large families, or for batch cooking to save you time throughout the week. Cook4me+ also comes with 6 manual modes including pressure cooking, steaming, gentle cooking, simmering, browning and keep warm. Select a specific ingredient and Cook4me+ will pressure cook it perfectly for you, according to its weight. Its non stick coating bowl and steaming basket are both dishwasher safe so you don't need to worry about the cleaning anymore!

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