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Tefal Everyday Induction Portable Hob

Tefal Everyday Induction Portable Hob


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Get your kitchen up to date with the Everyday Induction Hob from Tefal. Compared to gas and electric hobs, it is safe and most energy efficient way to cook, while the extraordinary portability of Tefal's hob means you can even head outdoors with it for an impromptu cook-out. The Tefal Induction Hob is a boon for families as there are no flames to burn small fingers and the surface begins to cool the instant you stop cooking. In fact, heat is restricted to the pan as you cook - so even an ice cube placed alongside will not melt. For peace of mind, when not in use, the hob automatically switches-off after 5 minutes. The highly portable hob works as an additional cooking option for those bigger events like Christmas and Easter or even for cooking outdoors and camping. All you need is a near-by power-source and when you are done, it's simplicity itself to store. The ceramic coated plate ensures it's highly durable, scratch-resistant, looks smart and is simple to clean, as food doesnt burn on the surface. The Everyday Induction Hob makes a handsome and very handy addition to your kitchen. Tefal's versatile high quality, portable ceramic hob with multi-cooking functions (User Manual- PDF can be found attached under Product Description). Black ceramic plate: durable, scratch-proof, heat-proof and easy to clean. Suitable for pots and pans with base size 12cm-25cm.It works with pots made of iron (cast iron, stainless steel or enamel) with double bottom or magnetic induction materials with flat bottom diameter. 2 hours integrated timer with LED display control panel. Clean the ceramic plate using a damp soft cloth. 6 pre-set cooking functions (Manual, Heat Milk, Stew, Stir Fry, Deep Fry, Boil Water) and 9 power levels: from 450W to 2100W. Note: Do not operate on an extension cable where the combined power of the devices fitted exceeds 3.12KW.

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